Artist Statement

I draw and paint on paper and canvas.  I approach my work in a visual sense from a classical side.  I am interested in the strength of the visual aspects of art from previous times and how and why that look can have impact in our time.  I approach my work with elements of the classical and the techniques learned while studying in Italy.  That historical approach gives my work a look of the historical blended with subject matter of the hypermodern.


Review: Michael J. Dowling Erases and Marks Old Master Classical Imagery

Colorado artist Michael J. Dowling, the subject of a striking solo, You Already Know How This Will End, at Leon Gallery, has built a solid reputation based on drawings, paintings and now sculptures that have an old-master classicism that he intentionally undermines through additions and subtractions, what he calls “redactions.


Best of Show

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2015 BEST OF SHOW from Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis, MN in 2015. Uptown is quite possibly one of the most urban areas in the entire great state of Minnesota. By definition, it functions almost as its own mini-city, and is certainly one of the liveliest communities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Bordered by 28th Street to the north, Dupont Street to the east, 31st Street to the south, and Lake Calhoun to the west—its heart is located where Hennepin Avenue and West Lake Street intersect